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Over the weekend of 16th & 17th August 2014, DKC hosted it's annual major meeting; the Australasian Karting Gold Cup, this year named the DEADLY Gold Cup as the club as giving away a brand new DEADLY kart package to one lucky entrant of the meeting thanks to the events major sponsor Wrigley Kart Supplies.  The meeting was held in trying conditions with a large amount of a rain falling all day Saturday, Sunday however saw the sun poke it's head out for some quick exciting racing.

141 competitors from 17 clubs battled it out over 15 classes contesting 3 heats, prefinal and final.  Congratulations to the class winners:

Joshua Sargent (Cadets); Thomas Sargent (Rookies); Tyler Everingham (Jnr Nat Light); Luke Wrigley (Jnr Nat Heavy); Tyler Everingham (Jnr Clubman); Connor Hey (Snr Nat Pro); Bert Wrigley (Snr Nat Heavy); Brett Robinson (Club Light); Brett Robinson (Club Heavy); Craig Tailby (Club Super); Jason Paix (Rest Light); Steven Lalas (Rest Heavy); Zac Van Leeuwestyn (125 Light); Greg Cusack (125 Heavy); Cooper Middleton (Open Light) (Full results are available here)

The winners of the 2014 Gold Cup were Luke Wrigley in the Juniors and Brett Robinson in the Seniors.  The lucky man of the day was Robert Miller from Wagga & Districts Kart Club who won the DEADLY Kart Package thanks to Wrigley Kart Supplies.  Attached is a full race report.

Our next race meet will be Sept 21 for an open race meeting and a great practice opportunity ahead of Octobers Southern Star Series Final.

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Results: LeDubbo 24

Sunday (15th) saw the running of our annual LeDubbo 24 race meeting; a race meeting with a twist where the finals are run over a 24minute period with a compulsory pit stop during the final with the winner being the one with the most amountof laps at the conclusion of 24 minutes. It was a cold day in Dubbo with some rain falling over the preceding day dropping the temps. 19 local Dubbo karters were joined by 5 from Grenfell, 3 from Orange, 2 from North Shore and 1 from Gunnedah.

The winners of the meeting were:
- Makk O'Neill (Cadets)
- Zachary Heard (Rookies)
- Blake Fardell (Jnr Nat Light)
- Luke Wrigley (Jnr Nat Heavy)
- Nicholas Riley (Snr Nat Pro)
- Chris Riley (Clubman Heavy)
- Greg Cusack (Rest Heavy)
- Jack Koenig (125 Light)
Full results CLICK HERE

Our next race meeting will be a regular club meeting to be held on July 13 and the last chance for some racing practice prior to our major meeting the DEADLY Gold Cup.

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Results: DKC Champs Rd3

Today (Sunday 18th May) saw the running of Round 3 of our 2014 DKC Championships.  29 entrants made their way to Dubbo to contest the meeting with 21 Dubbo members joined by 3 from Orange and one from Grenfell, Combined and North Shore.  Today saw beautiful weather at Lincoln county Raceway with a nice warm but overcast day.  Racing took a different shape to usual today with qualifying being run for the first time which saw some good times set in a somewhat heated qualifying session.  The meeting was contested over 2 heats of 8 laps, a prefinal of 10 laps and a final of 15 laps.  Congratulations to todays winners.....

- Makk O'Neill (Cadets)

- Ethan Smith (Rookies)

- Lucas Walters (Jnr Nat Light)

- Katie Everingham (Jnr Nat Heavy)

- Jason Bender (Snr Nat Pro)

- James O'Brien (Clubman Light)

- Rob McCutcheon (Clubman Heavy)

- Jack Koenig (Restricted Light)

- Greg Cusack (Restricted Heavy)

- Richard Drooger (Sportsman Light)


Our next race meeting is our annual LeDubbo 24 race meeting to be held at Lincoln County Raceway on June 15th.

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3-Track Challenge 2014 – results

Today saw the 6th running of our annual 3-track challenge at Lincoln County Raceway. 29 racers entered the ever entertaining and enjoyable race day with 21 DKC members being joined by 6 from Orange and 2 from Combined Districts.

With races being run over 3 different tracks setup is always a challenge however a heavy downpour of rain just before lunch made it all that more challenging and exciting for the spectators. 

Congrats to todays winners:
- Makk O'Neill (Cadets)
- Ethan Smith (Rookies)
- Blake Fardell (JNL)
- Hannah Tailby (JNH)
- Nick Riley (SNP)
- Michael Riley (CL)
- Andrew Smith (CH)
- Jack Koenig (ResL)
- Adam Rayner (ResH)

Overall 3-track champion in the junior category was Makk O'Neill with Nick Riley taking out the Senior category. 

We have a months break from racing now with our next meeting being an open club day on May 18. We are however hosting a TEKA Enduro race meeting on April 4-5, so make sure you pop out and see another version of karting.

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Club Champs Rd1 2014 – results

Dubbo Kart Club hosted Round 1 of its 2014 DKC Championship on Sunday 16th February 2014 at Lincoln County Raceway. The event saw 42 entrants battle it out over 3 heats and 2 finals on the full length 1024metre international circuit. 23 local members were joined by competitors from Tamworth, North Shore, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Combined (Lithgow) and even Geelong, Victoria!!

With about 5-10mm of rain falling over the preceding night the track was greasy in the morning for the open practise session with the skies threatening to produce more rain. Just before commencement of the heats the heavens opened again with a constant shower of rain that persisted through-out the day making for some entertaining driving and spins keeping the driver on the edge of their seats, the pit crew busy and the spectators highly entertained. With the rain hitting just prior to racing the pits were a hive of activity with pit crews scrambling to get their karts setup for the slippery conditions; tyres and setups were madly being changed to accommodate the conditions. The rain persisted through the day with it stopping in time for the finals, which resulted in another flurry of changes as racers and pit crews tried to make the best adjustments to suit the changing conditions.

At the end of the days racing the winners were crowned with Makk O’Neill (Dubbo) taking the win in Cadets with Ethan Smith (Dubbo) taking the Rookies class in the same race. Luke Wrigley (Dubbo) claimed victory in Junior National Light and current NSW State Champion Jayden Ojeda (North Shore) continued his good form taking out the JMax class. In the Senior classes Douglas Baker (Dubbo) grabbed the top spot in Senior National Pro, Nick Riley (Dubbo) stood on the top step in Clubman Light in his first race in the class since stepping up from Juniors. Clubman Heavy saw Chris ‘Old Man’ Riley (Dubbo) claim victory with Jason Paix (Newcastle) winning Restricted 125 Light and Phillip Burey (Tamworth) taking out the Heavy class. Reagon Angel (Newcastle) took the spoils in Sportsman 125 Light and Marc Townsend (Canberra) took out the fast paced Open Performance class. A special mention to new comer James O’Donnell from Dubbo who managed to win the first heat in his class on his first time out the gates!!!

Dubbo Kart Club will host Round 3 of the Rotax Pro Tour on March 1st and 2nd which will showcase the top drivers from around the Country battling it out for prizes and series points for entry into the Rotax Nationals later in the year. The racing will be fast, furious and highly entertaining with unofficial practise starting on Friday and racing all day Saturday and Sunday. Canteen facilities, full amenities and spectator areas are available with free entry to spectators for the event.

The next round of the Dubbo racing calendar will see DKC host its annual 3-track challenge on March 16th with competitors racing on all 3 different length tracks at Lincoln County Raceway.




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Results: Xmas Meet

Today saw the running of our final race meet for the year, with 26 DKC members joined by one from Combined and one from Tamworth. Todays race meet was held on our B-Track with handicap finals for a bit of fun to round out the year.

The weather really threatened with a storm brewing in the south with torrential rain and lightning but the gods must have been on our side with the storm going right around the track with only a few drops during the lunch break which kept the temps trackside quite pleasant.

Congrats to todays victors:
- Makk O'Neill ( Cadets )
- Blake Fardell ( Rookies )
- Luke Wrigley ( JNL )
- Clayton Small ( JNH )
- Michael Riley ( CL )
- Matthew Wray ( CH )
- Jack Koenig ( Res L )
- Mathew Whale ( Rest H )

In addition to the winners, lap records for our B-track were broken in almost all classes, with new records being set by Luke Wrigley, Clayton Small, Michael Riley, Matthew Wray, Jack Koenig and Mathew Whale; some of the records were beaten by 0.8seconds!!  What did everyone think of todays race meet? We hope everyone enjoyed running something a little different.

Full results can be found here (ps check out the lap chart of the finals):

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LeDubbo 24 Race Results

Today saw the running of the inaugural LeDubbo 24 race meet at Lincoln County Raceway which concludes with a 24 minute time based final.  12 Dubbo members were joined by 2 from Tamworth and 1 from Combined Districts, although a disappointing turn out a great day was had by all.  Rain was forecast for mid afternoon but held off till well after racing had finished.

Thanks to two DKC members the Bathurst 1000 was on the big screens at the track and a break was held for everyone to watch the start of the race and racing was finished in time for most to make it home for the closing stages.

These are today's winners:

- Ethan Smith (Cadets)

- Blake Fardell (Rookies)

- Nick Riley (JNL)

- Clayton Small (JNH)

- Michael Riley (CL)

- Sebastian Jones (CH)

- Jack Koenig (Res L)

- Darren Koenig (Res H)


Nick Riley and Michael Riley set new lap records in their respective classes.   Jack Koenig managed the most amount of laps in the 24 minute finals with 27, and they say races are won and lost in the pits where Jack Koenig and Michael Riley set the benchmark with approximately 41sec stops.

Don't forget our next race meeting which is our final meet of the year to be held on SATURDAY Nov 16 with a Xmas party and award presentation to be held afterwards, details will be on our website soon.

Full results:

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