Results: LeDubbo 24

Sunday (15th) saw the running of our annual LeDubbo 24 race meeting; a race meeting with a twist where the finals are run over a 24minute period with a compulsory pit stop during the final with the winner being the one with the most amountof laps at the conclusion of 24 minutes. It was a cold day in Dubbo with some rain falling over the preceding day dropping the temps. 19 local Dubbo karters were joined by 5 from Grenfell, 3 from Orange, 2 from North Shore and 1 from Gunnedah.

The winners of the meeting were:
– Makk O’Neill (Cadets)
– Zachary Heard (Rookies)
– Blake Fardell (Jnr Nat Light)
– Luke Wrigley (Jnr Nat Heavy)
– Nicholas Riley (Snr Nat Pro)
– Chris Riley (Clubman Heavy)
– Greg Cusack (Rest Heavy)
– Jack Koenig (125 Light)
Full results CLICK HERE

Our next race meeting will be a regular club meeting to be held on July 13 and the last chance for some racing practice prior to our major meeting the DEADLY Gold Cup.