Turn 8

Turn 8 is a hair-raising ride across the top of the hill and runs to the tightest corner on the track at Turn 9.  In that regard this corner, although great fun it is extremely important in setting up the run right through Turn 9.  This fast left-hander can be taken at great speed and karts will slide their way up to the turn in for turn 9.  It’s a great action spot for the spectator, who can stand on the hill on the exit to the corner.  The exit of the corner can be difficult to judge as the approach to Turn 9 is blind behind a crest on the exit of Turn 8.

This corner does present a passing opportunity for those brave enough to get under the competition and ride the kerb, be warned though this move can be disastrous for all involved if you don’t get it right.

It is possible to hold the throttle wide open through the corner…are you brave enough??