Results: Xmas Meet

Today saw the running of our final race meet for the year, with 26 DKC members joined by one from Combined and one from Tamworth. Todays race meet was held on our B-Track with handicap finals for a bit of fun to round out the year.

The weather really threatened with a storm brewing in the south with torrential rain and lightning but the gods must have been on our side with the storm going right around the track with only a few drops during the lunch break which kept the temps trackside quite pleasant.

Congrats to todays victors:
– Makk O’Neill ( Cadets )
– Blake Fardell ( Rookies )
– Luke Wrigley ( JNL )
– Clayton Small ( JNH )
– Michael Riley ( CL )
– Matthew Wray ( CH )
– Jack Koenig ( Res L )
– Mathew Whale ( Rest H )

In addition to the winners, lap records for our B-track were broken in almost all classes, with new records being set by Luke Wrigley, Clayton Small, Michael Riley, Matthew Wray, Jack Koenig and Mathew Whale; some of the records were beaten by 0.8seconds!!  What did everyone think of todays race meet? We hope everyone enjoyed running something a little different.

Full results can be found here (ps check out the lap chart of the finals):