Lincoln County International Raceway


Aerial shot of race track.

Type: Hotmix Bitumen

Direction: Anti-clockwise


Track A: 576m (6 corners)

Track B: 730m (8 corners)

Track C: 1037m (15 corners)


Track A: 26 karts

Track B: 28 karts

Track C: 40 karts

Magnetic timing strips: 3 strips on track C, 2 on track A & B.

The first timing strip is on the main straight about 10 metres before the start/finish line.  The 2nd strips is between turn 3 and 4.  The 3rd strip is located on top of the hill between turn 8 and 9.  **NOTE: for accurate timing, it is recommended to have the starting strip as strip 1 and start your timer on approach to turn 15, as when the ‘a-track cut thru’ is utilised one of  the strips is missed and will throw out your timing splits**

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